“This is a lovely film; both personal and universal.”—Bill Whitaker, correspondent, CBS News “60 Minutes”, New York, NY

“What a magnificent gift to receive the link to your short today!!!
It is but a small glimpse into a long life filled with a mountain of reflections. You made me feel very different emotions.
First of all: You made me laugh. At the start where your father says that the simple secret to a long relationship is that neither died is frankly hilarious, and in including it, with just that simple phrase, you've informed the entire world exactly who your father is and that he has a stupendous sense of humor. Then, you made me reflect: Life really does go on, even if we lose what or who we most love. Then, I got very choked up: How beautiful and how tender that realization. All too soon, it was ending...but I wanted MORE!!! Pol Carrizo’s shot compositions were splendid! And, the stock footage you had of the spider was matched absolutely perfectly with the aesthetics of the film and what your father was saying. You have my most sincere congratulations, Dawn!!!”—Nuria Gispert Vila, anchorwoman/correspondent (TVE, TV3, etc.), Barcelona, Spain

“ ‘Through the Pane’ is just beautiful, Dawn. Wow. What a lovely tribute to both your parents. It's stunning, really. I had to watch it twice. Amazing job, all around.”—J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling author of celebrity biographies (on Michael Jackson, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Sinatra, the Kennedys, etc…), Encino, CA

“ ‘Through the Pane’ is a very, very lovely film. The thing I enjoyed most was the cheerful and positive energy Donald Westlake gave off in his voice, words and expression. It would be too easy to write about and dwell on the initial shock and grief and awfulness of loss, and many poems/films have done so; but this film has picked up his story from a point where the question ‘what now?’ has given way to optimism and cheer. It’s a really cheering film. Perfect pacing and length, too. The cinematography by Pol Carrizo-Vilarroig is brilliant.”—Phil Lepherd, Guild of British Film and Television Editors, (credits include “The X-Factor”, “Britain’s Got Talent” and the BAFTA Award-winning “A League of Their Own”), London, UK

“Beautifully done. Loved everything about it.”— Don Moseley, Marin Corp Productions, NBC5 News, DePaul Documentary Project, Chicago, IL

“ ‘Through the Pane’ is really beautiful in all aspects of story, production, and personal narrative. Such a great way to capture your dad’s philosophy and insights, Dawn. Definitely pulls at the heart strings at the end.”—Jeff Chiba Stearns, Meditating Bunny Studio, Inc., 2011 Webby Award winner for Best Branded Entertainment, 2011 Emmy® Award nominee for Best Human Interest Feature/Segment, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“ ‘Through the Pane’ is a lovely, poignant, lush reflection on something everyone searches to find a way to express. You and your father have expressed it with exquisite beauty and simplicity.”—Dr. David Downs, former acting professor (retired) at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL now residing in Los Angeles, CA

“Muy bello y emocionante, Dawn. Me ha gustado mucho, de verdad. Sencillo, sin grandes palabras ni movimientos de cámara ni planos espectaculares porque no las necesita, pero muy sincero.”—Txema Muñoz, Kimuak-Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain

“Gran bel documento: intimo, personalissimo e struggente! Affetti e ricordi personali perfettamente rappresentati. Molto intenso e coinvolgente: espressione di pathos universale! Lo prenoto per il prossimo Festival di Fano!”—Fiorangelo Pucci, director, Fano Film Festival, Fano, Italy

“ ‘Through the Pane’ is beautiful, touching, sensitive and universal! No matter if you are Brazilian, American, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist... The film assumes we all have the same feeling! At least once in our lifetime.”—Roberto Christo, RC Producao, Sao Paulo, Brazil