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"'The Martini Effect' is a very hypnotic film.  Westlake and Secci look great together, and the writing says a lot...It's a very interesting and thought-provoking way of story-telling. The underwater sequences are simply amazing. All of the camera work, the editing... it's pretty slick and pretty great.   The music (by Gregory Johnson of Acoustic Labs), as always, perfection. Congratulations on another truly amazing film. I totally loved every second of this."--J. Randy Taraborrelli, best-selling author of celebrity biographies, Encino, CA, USA

"'Above ground. Completely underwater.' I like that line. Very pretty film."--Ron Magers, anchorman, ABC7, Chicago, IL

“An impressionistic masterpiece and metaphorical examination of the arc of a foreclosure in the form of a romantic relationship.   Beautifully done, as always!” Nick Cates, Executive Producer at NBCUniversal, Los Angeles, CA

"What an intriguing movie! Within a short space, you created tremendous tension, sadness, and a sense of breaking free (at the end). The music (by Gregory Johnson of Acoustic Labs) quickly foreshadowed the conflict, too, from the opening scene onward."--David Deal, Sr. VP of Marketing, iCrossing, Chicago, IL

“Pues me ha gustado mucho, Dawn, creo que ‘The Martini Effect' esta muy bien. Me gusta la calidez de la musica y la fotografía, que contrasta con esa lejanía y frialdad de las voces en off y con la dureza de la historia, que no es sencilla. Me gusta mucho el comienzo, con la metáfora del agua subiendo, la pareja charlando amigablemente y la musica del violoncello envolviéndolo todo. Y me gusta el final, esperanzador a pesar de que se trata de una historia de dificultades, aunque tambien de liberación. Enhorabuena, me ha gustado mucho.Txema Muñoz, curator, KIMUAK-Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain

“I love your film. Very creative. Tremendous quality in the images!” Mark Young, director, The SCUBA Show Film Festival, Long Beach, CA