“Wow. You are one helluva filmmaker. The layering, the editorial, the sound, the music (oh, the music!)… ‘terroir’ is really good. The photography is stunning. Your performance(s) are so strong, so true. You sing! You are in total command of your art. You are a woman in full. 
There is so much going on here thematically, visually, sonically… my head was spinning deliriously, in the best possible way. I look forward to watching this over and over.” —Steve Burrows, award-winning filmmaker & documentarian, HBO’s “Bleed Out”, Los Angeles, CA USA

“I just watched “terroir” and so enjoyed it. It was very compelling and a wonderfully interesting approach to mother/daughter relationships. I loved the sound/song and the play with images. All quite wonderful. I wish you the very best with your festival run. It deserves to be seen by many!!” —Sandi Somers, Creative Director (she/her), Herland, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“ ‘terroir’ es un hermoso corto, a veces áspero y otras tierno. Sigue contando historias, Dawn, te lo agradeceremos.” —Txema Muñoz, Director, Kimuak, Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastián, Spain

“ ‘terroir’ is absolutely fascinating. I love the mix of surreal avant garde, docu-memoir-political elements all weaved together. It made my hair stand on end. It’s extremely watchable.” —Chaucer Cameron, award-winning poet/filmmaker, editor Poetry Film Live

“Thank you very much for sending me ‘terroir’. This is heavy stuff. I like it. Your movie makes people think, which it probably should. I hope that it will also be a great success, like your other films.” —Thomas Zandegiacomo Del Bel, Künstlerischer Leiter | Artistic Director, ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

“ ‘terroir’ is quite different from your other films, certainly much more personal. Technically really nice, and it kept me thinking all weekend...which is a good thing…” —Don Moseley, Emmy, Peabody & DuPont Award-winning producer, NBC5 News, DePaul Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence, Chicago, IL USA

“ ‘terroir’ è molto interessante, originale e girato benissimo. Ma proprio mi è piaciuto moltissimo! La canzone è molto bella. E tu sei molto brava! BRAVA! BRAVA! BRAVA! I paesaggi sono bellissimi. La tua casa è meravigliosa. Congratulazioni!” —Rossana Luttazzi, Fondazione Lelio Luttazzi, Roma, Italy

“I was very impressed by ‘terroir’ and hope very much to see it projected in Germany, hopefully in Münster. I loved it, especially that I was able to understand everything at once with the fine German subtitles!!!” —Regina Wegmann, Filmservice Münster.Land, Presse- und Informationsamt, Stadt Münster, Germany

“Loved ‘terroir’ ! Amazing film. Didn't realize that you can sing that well. Pleasant surprise.” —Karanja Ng’endo, award-winning filmmaker, Nairobi, Kenya