Dawn Westlake

Dawn is president of Ron de Cana Prods., Inc. in Los Angeles. This is her 21st short under her Ron de Cana banner. Her work has played on all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica) and won 85 awards, including honors from Canon USA, Inc. and JVC-Tokyo. Dawn is also an actress/writer/producer and has been on the jury of the SediciCorto Film Fest in Forli, Italy, the ECU Film Festival in Paris, France, M Film Festival in Matosinhos, Portugal, the Chicago Shorts Film Fest jury in Chicago, Illinois and the Red Rock Film Fest pre-selection committee in Moab, Utah. She speaks English and Spanish fluently and is proficient in Italian and Portuguese. Dawn graduated first in her class with a B.S. degree in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She has been married for 30 years to Bruce Rheins, a retired producer and bureau chief for CBS News. In 2013, she directed “Look Who’s Stalking”, a series for the BIO Network at NBCUniversal in Los Angeles. It aired in March & April 2013. Dawn has been honored with retrospectives of her work in London at the Portobello Film Festival, at the Fellini Foundation in Rimini (Italy), and at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, California.

GC Johnson

In 2009, composer and instrumentalist GC Johnson began the musical youtube project Acoustic Labs as a personal challenge to write and perform new material every month and to focus on the guitar, exploring different sound through effects and techniques. Ten years later, the Acoustic Labs channel has grown significantly, with almost 50,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos produced, which have been viewed a total of 9 million times. The channel has become a platform, not only for guitar compositions and covers, but also for GC Johnson's exploration of atmospheres and film music. Incorporating instruments such as the erhu, ronroco, violin, cello, and guitarviol, Johnson has created his own signature flavor of instrumental music. GC Johnson's atmospheres can be heard in major television and film productions such as HBO's "Newsroom", Tom Tykwer's “A Hologram for the King” starring Tom Hanks, the Netflix shows “Sense8”, “Babylon Berlin”, Greg McLean's "Jungle", starring Daniel Radcliffe, and “Deadwood”, the 2019 televised feature film. He scored the full-length documentary "Back in Time" - a retrospective of Back to the Future -featuring interviews with Steven Spielberg, Bob Zemeckis, and Michael J Fox.

Johnson has scored many shorts with award-winning filmmaker Dawn Westlake, receiving a Peer Raben Music Award nomination at SoundTrack_Cologne in Germany in 2016 for their 2015 collaboration, “Through the Pane”, and he won Best Musical Score awards for Westlake’s films “A Life of Death” (2003) and “From On High” (2017) from festivals in Lenola & Diamante, Italy, respectively.

To hear more of GC’s music: http://www.patreon.com/AcousticLabs


Pol Carrizo-Vilarroig

Born and raised in Barcelona, Pol has always been fascinated with all things audiovisual. In 2008, he completed studies in 35mm photography, and then immediately entered film school where he majored in digital photography, television and film. While still in school, he began producing personal and professional projects and graduated from an advanced course in sound mixing with superior grades. Pol continues to expand his knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking using Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Cinema 4D and incorporating them into his workflow. While in film school, he had an internship with Barcelona TV, working in the departments of sound, camera, and as an assistant in ENG (electronic news gathering). As a freelancer, he works on still photography and video projects for private citizens and large corporations and collaborates with renowned artists like Jaume Pitarch. The majority of his work is in his hometown of Barcelona, but he’s also worked in other parts of Spain, and on location in France, England, and the United States. Pol won the Carpine d’Argento BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY award in Visciano, Italy in 2018 for “From On High”, a 2017 short film by director Dawn Westlake. Pol has also traveled and photographed extensively in South America, Asia, and Africa. Even on personal journeys, he’s never without his camera. With Andrea Perez Maldonado, Pol is a founding partner in Imatge Barcelona, a production company dedicated to cinematic and still photography. http://imatgebarcelona.com/

Lilly Johnson
(actress, Little Mom & Little Dawn)

Lilly Johnson is excited to make her film debut in “terroir”. She is a fun-loving four-year-old, who lives in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, Illinois, with her mom, dad and little brother. Having just completed her first year of pre-school, Lilly’s favorite activities include taking a children’s ninja class, practicing her twirls in ballet lessons, and singing along to her favorite princess movies.