“What wonderful work you are doing with dance in ‘Pooling’. Marc Carrizo Vilarroig is a great talent, too. What an imaginative (& unsettling) way to launch his performance with the cut between animation and live-action! Wow!” —Betsy Baytos, Disney feature animator & animation choreographer/Betsy Bird in “The Muppet Show”, Los Angeles, CA

“ ‘Pooling’ is great! I love the symbolism, and of course, Marc's dancing. I can totally relate to ‘Pooling’…It’s brilliant!” —Diana Ritchey, animation producer, 20th Century Fox’s “American Dad!”, Los Angeles, CA

“ ‘Pooling’ IS AWESOME!!!!! Wow, you should be so proud!” —Kupah James, President of Klass Universal Entertainment & Resident DJ at Highball Boston and Hotel Indigos Pool Party, and at 31TEN Lounge in Santa Monica, CA

“ ‘Pooling’ es excelente, Dawn, muy original. Y vaya nivel que tiene Marc, lo hace francamente bien.” —Txema Muñoz, Euskadiko Filmategia-Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain

“¡Felicitaciones! Me gustó mucho. Esa mezcla de acción-animación-efectos especiales-danza me encantó. Y Markitus muy carismático y ¡¡¡¡que tal ritmo tiene!!!!. Baila lindo, es muy buen bailarín de breakdance.” —Oswaldo Salas Williams, multiple award-winning actor (“Extirpador de Idolatrías”), Lima, Peru

“As a choreographer, I can often predict a dancer’s next move. The body telegraphs where it’s going. Not Marc. The choices he makes are organic, and his transitions are seamless. He’s a pure pleasure to watch. His surprises are delightful.” —Marvin Thornton, MoveMarv Fitness (Beach Body, Crunch), Sherman Oaks, CA