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A married couple vows to never speak a cross word again, but playing some is not off the table.



Production dates: June 2-June 30, 2014

Running time: 7:46

Hardware used: Canon C500, Sound Devices 240 pix recorder

Language: English

Subtitles available: English, Spanish & Italian

Shot entirely in Los Angeles, CA USA

Formats available: DVD, HD file (all others upon request)

DIRECTOR‘S NOTE: I hadn’t written a comedy in awhile, and after a depressive winter where I saw some friends get in bad relationship scrapes involving psychological abuse, I thought it might be cathartic to do a darkly comic piece on the power of words.

The tip of the hat to Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns came in as an afterthought. During script development, I had a dream about tall shadows being cast as David Razowsky (PETER) and I (DIANA) walked toward the dining room where the Scrabble game was to be played. “Foreshadow”-ing, perhaps, that our characters’ unstable partnership was headed toward an ominous end. That dream drove me to a rewrite where I completely embraced the cunning and irony of Leone-esque characters, adding close-ups to create “gunslinger” tensions. The Ouija scene was completely revamped to bring an other-worldly terror and brutality to defenseless RANDY.

The idea for tragically hip apparel for PETER, DIANA & RANDY was born after reading an article called “How to Live without Irony” online from The NY TIMES (Christy Wampole, 11.17.2012). I realized that it related to what was bothering me about the problems some of my friends were having. They could not communicate directly or succinctly with their intimates. In the short-term, they were unhappy and snarky behind their partner’s back; in the long term, they were becoming trapped in psychologically abusive partnerships.

Wampole writes: “The ironic frame functions as a shield against criticism. The same goes for ironic living. Irony is the most self-defensive mode, as it allows a person to dodge responsibility for his or her choices, aesthetic and otherwise. To live ironically is to hide in public. It is flagrantly indirect, a form of subterfuge, which means etymologically to “secretly flee” (subter + fuge). Somehow, directness has become unbearable to us.”

A ‘hipster’ overdresses, layering on items from past decades, creating an anti-style. S/he communicates by “caption contest”, typing zingers under ‘friends’ photos on social media. News items once ignored as distasteful or absurd are shared, so that we can all “make fun”; sadly then, giving a sort of credence or voice to “the crazy”.

So, this is my film that makes a plea for the return to sincerity…using irony. Forgive me if I sincerely think it’s the only way to get your attention.