Comments & Reviews

“I just watched your latest short. I loved it. I also love watching you and David Razowsky together. There's such natural chemistry between you guys. I can't believe how many things you've produced in the past few years, Dawn.   AMAZING!!!!” —Jim O'Heir, actor, Jerry (Gary & Larry) Gergich on NBC-TV's “Parks & Recreation”, Los Angeles, CA

“I REALLY enjoyed ‘Games People Play'!   Big fun!   I've watched it 3 times in fact, and each time discovered more to appreciate. Kudos to all involved in the production!” Mike Miller, Exec. Director Comic Relief Organization & Managing Director of the HBO Comedy Festival, Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks for sharing your new film with me. I really enjoyed it. Nice pacing, well written and beautifully shot. I really enjoyed the ending, too...didn't see that coming! The Canon C500 is a great camera. Picture looks amazing and vivid."-- Jeff Chiba Stearns, 2011 Webby Award winner for Best Branded Entertainment & 2012 Emmy nominee for Best Human Interest Feature Segment, Meditating Bunny Studio, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Loved your movie, Dawn. So good and so funny! Art direction was great, acting superb, and all of the cinematography was outstanding. Great film!” —J. Randy Taraborrelli, NY Times best-selling author of celebrity biographies (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Cher, etc.), Encino, CA

"Clever premise for this film. Dawn Westlake is quite the femme fatale, and it's always great to see Mark Jacobson's work. I'm constantly impressed with Westlake's prolific cinematic output." --Nick Cates, creator of "The Catch", and former executive producer at E! Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

“Really, really nice...original, well conceived and executed! The editing and acting were all top notch, and the score was superb.” —Don Moseley, multiple-Emmy & Peabody Award winning producer, NBC5, Marin Corp Prods., and the DePaul Documentary Project, Chicago, IL

“I used to enjoy playing Scrabble. Now you've done it.” —Ron Magers, anchor, ABC7 News, Chicago, IL

“The actors cast in ‘Games People Play' are ideal. The script is original and very funny. This film is also very well directed.” --Nuria Gispert Vila, independent news producer (former anchor of “La Tarde”, Televisión Española), Barcelona, Spain

"Molto, molto carino! Carinissimo! Bravi gli attori!"--Fiorangelo Pucci, director of the Fano Film Festival, Fano, Italy

“Me encanta ‘Games People Play'. Me parece de lo mejor que has hecho, sin duda. Y es cierto, el duelo es un duelo de western, aunque al principio parecen más dos caballeros ingleses que utilizan la ironía y el cinismo para atacar al otro. Pero el duelo final desde luego sí es de western, con ese final sangriento a lo Leone, con esos primeros planos característicos, y la música que acompaña perfectamente."—Txema Muñoz, director of Kimuak-Filmoteca Vasca, San Sebastian, Spain

“I loved this film! Linking Leone-esque western elements with Chaplin-esque slapstick is brilliant since Sergio’s all-time favorite director was Mr. Chaplin.”—Luca Verdone, filmmaker and Sergio Leone friend/biographer, Rome, Italy