“Loved it. The way the film transforms the two religious symbols into one of freedom...a kite. Genius!”—Elizabeth Palmer, Foreign Correspondent, CBS News, London, UK

“What a beautiful story - magically told. The kite is such a magnificent symbol of hope. I will never forget walking through the rubble of a village in Afghanistan and looking up to see one red kite flying in the haze of war. Really wonderful work, Dawn. Congratulations.”—Jerry Piasecki, Founder, UN Global Peace School Program, NYC, NY, USA

“I just watched ‘From On High’. This is award winning stuff. I am totally and completely impressed. The cinematography, the music... the editing… It's really stunning, all of it.” —J. Randy Taraborrelli, NY TIMES best-selling author of celebrity biographies, Encino, CA, USA

“Excellent, powerful film. The footage is beautiful.”—Don Moseley, NBC5 News, DePaul Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence, Chicago, IL, USA

“‘From On High” is visually magnificent. And, I think your decision not to translate the bigoted hate speech of the ‘leaders’ is exactly right.”—David Downs, Northwestern University Professor, Theatre Department (retired), Los Angeles, CA USA

“Nice message and well done. A message I fear falls on too many deaf ears.”—Ron Magers, WLS-TV/ABC7 anchorman (retired), Chicago, IL, USA

“This film is beautiful. It’s very moving and really well shot.”—Charles D’Agata, Foreign Correspondent, CBS News, London, UK

"'From On High' is bang on topic and was described by some delegates as in the spirit of 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'. I think it isn't so much shining a light on the world as holding up a mirror. Brilliant work and a tough category to win. Congratulations on a fabulous film that deserves all the accolades."--Marcus Gregg, Festival Director, RATMA Film Festival, Keighley, UK (after "From On High" won their 2018 Best Drama Award)